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[Domestic 2008] Mobile Grid Gateway Replication System and Method of Wireless Grid Network/ 2008.01.24/ 10-0799775/ Chan-Hyun Youn, Yong-Hyuk Moon, Sang-il Lee, Byung-Sang Kim, Youngjoo Han

[China 2007] System and Method for Providing Cardiovascular Disorder Diagnosis Services / 2007.12.04/ 200710195743.9 / Chan-Hyun Youn, Chan-Hee Han, Youngjoo Han, Byung-Jin Kim, Jinho Kim, Eun-Bo Shim

[Domestic 2006] Physio-Ubiquitous Grid System and Its Method for offering Medical Service / 2006.11.10/ 10-0647077/ Chan-Hyun Youn, Yong-Hyuk Moon , Sang-il Lee, Byung-Sang Kim, Chang-Hee Han

[Domestic 2006] Method for Assigning Dynamic Resource and Application for User’s QoS Control in Grid/ 2006.09.01/ 10-0621787/ Chan-Hyun Youn, DongSu Nam, Byung-Sang Kim

[Domestic 2006] System and Method for Policy Quorum Grid Resource Management/ 2006.08.23/ 10-0618159/ Chan-Hyun Youn, Yong-Hyuk Moon ,Byung-Sang Kim, Dong-Uk Kang, Jeong-Je Cho

[Domestic 2005] QoS guaranteed scheduling system and method in Ethernet passive optical networks / 2005. 07.15/ 10-0503417/ Chan-Hyun Youn, Sang-Ki Kim, Lin Zhan, Eung-Suk An

[Domestic 2002] Scalability Determination Method of Multicasting Network with Subcasting Scheme / 2002.12.24/ 10-0367411/ Chan-Hyun Youn

[Domestic 2002] Multicast Guaranteeing Method/ 2002.04.29/ 10-0336282/ Chan-Hyun Youn, Hun-Young Lee

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