On going projects

Development for Intelligently Searching and Utilizing Big Data based on DataMap

Based on the interoperability of various data hubs, data maps are automatically configured, and link and changes of datasets are reflected in real time to develop intelligent big data search and utilization core technologies that support accurate dataset search and utilization for user analysis purposes.
#Key words: Bigdata hub, DataMap, Database Sync
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5G based low-latency interaction technology between device edge-cloud environment

To improve user experience in mixed reality, the low-latency integrated information processing with 5G edge-cloud computing and multi-tenant interaction scheduling technology.
#Key words: Mixed reality, Augmented reality, Virtual reality, Edge-Cloud computing
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XAI-based Satellite Image
Analysis Acceleration

Self-adaptive analysis models in satellites are designed and accelerated by on-board system to provide the analyzed images information to data centers on the ground continuously.
#Key words:
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Unsupervised Learning System
to Self-Adaptive Learning Model with Imitation Learning

The self-adaptive agent extracts its own high-level characteristics to help make decisions from the state data it currently encounters.
#Key words: Imitation learning, Cascading errors
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Crowdsourcing based Smart
City Service Framework

With the development of IoT, a large amount of data collectd from citizens, devices and buildings should be analyzed to monitor and manage traffic, power plants and waste management etc.
#Key words: Semantic aware data re-identification, Local event map
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FPGA Acceleration based MEC Platform
for URLLC Application

Mobile edge computing is a new computing paradigm that enables cloud computing capabilities at the edge of the cellular network, so as to reduce overhead of remote cloud access.
#Key words: MEC for URLLC, FPGA acceleration framework
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XAI based Energy Platform Development

XAI, eXplainable AI is the most challenging area in the field of artificial intelligence which understands the process and explains the consequences. We are researching the energy platform for XAI in cooperation with KEPCO.
#Key words: Complex event processing for real-time
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Supercomputing System

Supercomputing technology is efficiently operated to give high-tech research environments to local scientists, consequently enhancing science and technology competitiveness.
#Key words: Low-diameter scalable topology, Event collection agent
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Integrated Deep Learning Engine

Deep learning is one of popular issues in the machine learning field. We are researching accelerated deep learning and developing a framework for distributed training.
#Key words: Complex event processing for real-time
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