Network & Computing lab is studying on cooperative high performance computing interconnection, 
deep learning based platform, integrated middleware managing computing resources and so on.
We’re having more than 50 alumni working in IT related industry such as KT, ETRI, Samsung or LG and universities.


About NCL

Over the years, high-performance computing(HPC), and distributed computing(DC) systems have become pervasive. Any computable machines including from clusters to internet-worked computers and mobile devices are now required to compute efficiently to support a wide variety of applications. Our research works are focusing on key technologies underlying the design and engineering of high-performance  and distributed computing systems and computing middleware.

Latest News in NCL


[2020.02] Dongki Kang becomes  an assistant professor in Jeonbuk National University

One of our alumni, Dongki Kang, became an assistant professor in the Department of IT Information in Jeonbuk National University. He got his Ph.D in August 2019.


[2019.11] Fawaz Al Hazemi becomes  an assistant professor in University of Jeddah

One of our alumni, Fawaz Al Hazemi, became an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Engineering and Network in University of Jeddah. He got his Ph.D in Feb. 2019.


We have 1 Ph.D graduate and 5 M.S graduates in Feb, 2020.

Congratulation 🙂

Projects in NCL