XAI Acceleration Technology Research Center

[ Center Summary ]

Center Name – ADD Future Challenge Technology – XAI Acceleration Technology Research Center
Research Field – AI Acceleration System
Affiliation – KAIST Electrical Engineering
Establishing Day – 2019. 11. 01
Purpose of Establishment

  • Development of satellite on-board runtime acceleration system capable of processing an agent model that detects objects of interest to efficiently process large amounts of data that increase with increasing resolution of satellite images
  • Development of cooperative system technology for satellite-ground control system that combines resource management and HPC system for XAI acceleration processing
  • A Study on XAI method for decision making of artificial intelligence model based on satellite image
  • Development of interactive deep learning system through qualitative XAI analysis

[ Major Research ]

  1. Development of XAI-accelerated HPC platform based on satellite-ground collaboration
  2. Development of FPGA/GPU based satellite on-board runtime acceleration system technology
  3. Development of FPGA/GPU based XAI framework
  4. Development of self-adaptive learning and inference technique for individual agents of satellite for screening satellite image data
  5. Development of a model that explains the results and the basis of judgment to humans according to artificial intelligence techniques

[ Academic contribution ]

  1. Presenting artificial intelligence model for automating satellite image analysis, XAI technique for decision making process of artificial intelligence model to increase reliability of derivation results
  2. Development of satellite-ground control system and presenting collaborative next-generation platform for accelerated processing of large-scale satellite image data
  3. Announcing world-class technology researched and developed by the Center, raising international status and building global partnerships
  4. Development of world-class XAI technology

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