Smart Car Technology

1. Connected Car Cloud Technology


Figure 1. Trend of Smart Car Market and the position of connected car technology


    Figure 2. Simple Model of our integrated simulator

  • According to the growth of vehicle market related to connected car technology, vehicle cloud computing (VCC) is getting attention. Cloud technology is one of the key technology to implement connected car service.
  • To evaluate several indicators related to VCC, we are developing integrated simulator using SUMO, NS3 and CloudSim
  • Our simulator reflects some models related to offloading decision rule, cloud task mapping etc.

2. Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network(VANET)

Figure 2. Connection-oriented vehicle based on VANET

  • Based on communication with adding ICT(Information and Communication Technology) on vehicles, it provides services such as ITS, telematics and infortainment.
  • Through the communication based on V2X(Vehicle-to-Everyting), the useful information such as traffic situation is exchanged and shared by vehicles. It constantly communicate with other vehicles for driving efficiency and safety.
  • Wireless communication technology which consider the variation of network topology caused by high-speed movements is required.
  • The vehicular communication could be categorized as follows.
    • V2V(Vehiche-to-Vehicle) communication: Vehicles communicate by constituting their own network without any help from infrastructures. It is used for providing safety services such as collision prevention or sending alert messages.
    • V2I(Vehicle-to-Infrastructure) communication: The information collected in vehicle is exchanged with central data center, so that the vehicle is able to share the information with other vehicles such as road condition or traffic information. It is also utilized to provide other services such as infortainment like internet, digital map or multimedia.

3. Intelligent traffic system based on VIMS

Figure 3. VIMS(Vehicle Infromation Management System)

  • Connected-car based on VIMS
    • ADAS(Advanced Driving Assistance System) recognizes and judges the situation around it, and provides analyzed data to drivers, visually. Through the communication based on V2X, it exchanges the information between Tiny VIMS.
  • Tiny VIMS(Vehicle Infromation Management System)
    • It creates real-time traffic information through crowd-sourcing. Tiny VIMS in vehicle constantly communicates with road side infrastructures to share the useful information.
  • VIMS(Vehicle Infromation Management System)
    • Large-scale data collected by Tiny VIMS in vehicle and infrastructure is transmitted to big data processing platform. The created information through processing is provided to each vehicle driver for smooth traffic flow and safe driving.

4. Lidar (remote sensing technology)

Figure . Beam control system for 2D LIDAR and its application

We implement the beam control system for nano-photonic lighting device based on 2D array.

  • Voltage control module:
    It rearranges the control signal generated by the beam optimization module based on the analysis of each phase modulator’s applicable voltage operation range.

  • Beam optimization module:
    It concludes the control using the result of the image processing module.

  • Image processing module:
    It generates several metrics by processing result image which are used by the beam optimization module.