Docker-Cloud Resource Management for Tele-Experience Streaming Service

1. Dynamic Cloud Provisioning & Docker-Cloud Resource Management Broker Development for TaaS Cooperation Service


Figure 1. Research System Abstract

Through combining Cloud Technology supporting good service-expandability and Docker based distributed MCU Clusters, we are developing real-time and multi-view video conference service technology. It can maximize efficiency of computing resource management and dynamic scalability. We are expecting effect of guaranteed QoS and cost reduction for cloud resource management. The required technology is QoS based Service Scaling, Service Migration and Request Patching.

Figure 2. DCRM Broker Management Procedure

2. Content Caching Scheme for Live DASH Media Streaming Service in MEC Environment

Figure 3. Content Caching Scheme in MEC Environment

The cache server in the MEC environment has a limited storage space compared to the servers in the existing content delivery network, and accordingly, a new caching scheme suitable for a low capacity storage space is required to improve the efficiency of the cache server in MEC.
Based on the estimated chunk request probability of the live DASH streaming, selective caching for chunks which have high popularity or high request probability and guarantee high cache performance and QoE of users who request live dash stream.

3. Docker-Cloud based Distributed MCU System Cluster Technology for Multi-View Conference Service


Figure 4. Docker-Cloud based Techonology Abstract

* Implementing dynamic-scalable MCU Clusters based on docker and WebRTC MCU Platform 『Licode』
* QoS based Service Scaling, Service Migration and Request Patching.

4. Docker-Cloud CDN Technology

Figure 5. CDN Technology Concept

* Nash bargaining model based data center selection technology for video streaming server provisioning
* Optimized video streaming server migration methodology using public cloud cost model & private cloud performance degradation model based on learning curve in hybrid cloud environment

5. Energy Efficient & QoS Cognitive Video Streaming Server Provisioning in Cloud Data Center

Figure 6. Server Management in Cloud Data Center Concept

* Improving and tracing QoS in real-time streaming service for dynamic & static video streaming service
* Dynamic Content Streaming Server Provisioning