OSICC (안씀)

We focus on the realization of the basis of human metabolism from cells to tissues to organs based on OSICC(e-organ Simulator-Integrated Highly Collaborative Cyber Computing), which can be used for the research and development applicable to medicine screening or vital clinical test research.

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Research on NSIMC (안씀)

  Using our heat metabolism measuring system, we can evaluate functionality of human mitochondria and analysis energy metabolism. And here we use noninvasive body fat/body composition measurement technology to measure not only cell level metabolism functions but also influence which metabolism functional abnormality can effect to human body and (introduce) diagnosis and management system based on nano sensor network. Many studies on high performance computing platform to address the analysis of genomic data analysis are reported and one is a bioinformatics server that supports both automated and interactive analysis of user-submitted genomes and meta-genomes.
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